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Open Mic
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This is an open mic for all creative forms of expression. Art, poetry, short stories, even music if you want to rig up mp3s or whatever works.

A few tiny little rules:

� If you're going to post a big image (I'll leave the decision of what's big up to you, as long as you're not claiming a 900x900 image as small I'm cool with your judgement), please be courteous and use the LJ cut command.
� Likewise, if you're going to post a long story, LJ cut is a fun addition too. The basic idea here is don't kill people's index fingers with scrolling, 'k?

Other than that, er.. I have no problems with tasteful nudity or obsenities as long as they're not just plain stupid, be courteous to others' creations, and have fun. :)

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